People keep me asking if “MCA” or “Motor Club of America” is a scam?


As tired as I am from answering this question continuously. I can’t blame you because when money is involved, and how people promote MCA (Motor Club of America) to be, (with their money pictures), it looks too good to be true.

See, we’re in this Instagram era where innocent people are more accessible for “credit card scammers” to get to.
You see it all the time, I know I do —the “Flip 100-into 1000’s.
—Which is very unethical.

A few years ago people were doing this green dot card scam thing where they would entice you with that caption, to hook you, and reel you in. Then you’ve just got fucked. Seriously.

But don’t misconstrue that with this Motor Club of America thing, It’s entirely different. I promise.

I’ve gotten paid from it and I don’t even talk about it, I blog tho.

The reason you might misconstrue the two, is because these novice marketers out here are stealing the scammer lingo, and promoting it to masses of people. People here that jargon, and automatically think – SCAM!!!

They even associate the ones who are promoting it well —me, cough—

as scammers.

IT’s okay though. I’m here to break the barriers of the miscommunication that people have been introduced to.

Not all people who look good, wear Balenciagas and Bape, are scammers. I wear these expensive things because I can buy it. And it makes me look cool.

How do you promote if you don’t talk about MCA, cee?

Good question.

I blog, that’s all I do. Check my social media accounts for proof.

Did that?

Ok cool, all you see is me enjoying life — that’s it.

Is it any more methods I could use to promote without being spammy?



You could do:

  • Door to Door- (no one does this no more and this isn’t a fundraiser)
  • Postcard Marketing- Where you use brochures and flyers and send them to leads in your niche.
  • Flyers – Self explanatory. (It’s been said that people are actually making money from this method.
  • Facebook or Instagram – Without asking them or pitching to people. I’ll show you this later.



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